Innocent (From the Archives)

“Look, Mummy, I found a butterfly!”

Natalie smiled at her son, who was bouncing up and down with only the energy a young child could muster, pointing at a bush.

“Just coming,” Natalie said, as she put down her garden trowel and pushed herself to standing. Her knee was killing like a bitch today, she guessed it must be the weather.

“Quickly or it’ll fly away!” Ben shouted.

“I’m coming!” Natalie replied, as she walked over towards where Ben was bouncing up and down. The garden was a sense of pride for her, especially considering the state it had been in when they had moved in.

“Look, on that bush,” Benjamin whispered, pointing at one of the hydrangea bushes that lined the edge of the border. They had done really well this year, growing twice in size since last year. Natalie hoped that they would grow some more, and cover the awful paint job that the previous resident of the house had left behind them.

Natalie followed where Ben was pointing, and saw a delicate white butterfly fluttering on one of the flowers.

“I’ve called her Penelope,” Benjamin whispered.

Natalie smiled.

“That’s a lovely name for a butterfly,” Natalie said. The butterfly fluttered above the flower for a few moments longer, before taking off into the blue spring sky above them.

“Bye bye,” Benjamin said, waving furiously at the butterfly. Natalie smiled, Benjamin was so kind and delicate with all the creatures in the garden. He took after his father in that respect, and for that Natalie was glad.

First posted in 2015. || Image Credit: Photo by Alice Hampson on Unsplash

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