A World, Changed (March Update)

I spent a long time debating what to title this blog. “A World in Chaos”. “A World in Panic”. “A World gone mad”.

But I decided to go with “A World, Changed”. Because yes, the spread of Corvid-19 is creating a situation unprecedented in the modern world. Quarantine. Social Distancing. Shops and spaces closing down.

As someone fortunate enough to live in a country that has had relative* stability in my lifetime, the measures now being put in place are alien territory. Whilst I am an introvert, whose general social life is basically social distancing, I still enjoy meeting my family and friends on occasion. Now, we have the additional worry of the virus for our older relatives, and worry of those relatives who are by themselves, isolated from the world.

In these unprecedented times, its easy to feel out of control. It’s easy to see the world tumbling around you and fall to your knees. Us, as individuals, cannot change the virus or change the world. Not all of us are the doctors or nurses on the front line, or the scientists looking for a cure, or the other key workers whose roles are important to keep society going.

Those of us who aren’t those key workers can sometimes feel overwhelmed. How can we help? And for those of us who are on the high risk lists, we can’t even offer to help the community, because we are the ones who need to socially isolate more.

So what can we do?

I was thinking about this last (and pretty much) every night. For those of us who are restricted more so, we can still influence our world. We can influence our family, our friends (virtually). We can check in on people, we can spread kindness to those who are struggling. Those whose weddings have been cancelled, those whose birthdays have been forgotten. We can celebrate the achievements and successes of our peers even more than we normally would. We can show up, each morning, and commit to giving some kindness into the world. Some compassion.

Heavens knows the world needs it.

Some kindness and happiness in the world.

You might have already seen these from around the world, but here are some of my favourite happy news stories, silly memes and stupid videos, that have put a smile to my face over the last few months. Maybe they might put a smile to yours.

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That’s it for this month! I hope you are all staying safe out there, and don’t forget to stay socially distanced, and wash your hands!

Photo Credit Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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