Patron's Choice (A Teacup Story)

“So, big day,” Merisa said.

Gaele scowled further. She could feel the knots in her stomach already. Testing day was the worst. Testing for your robes doubly so.

But this, this was worse than any testing that had come before. The testing for your patron, the supernatural being who would grant you access to magics at all times.

Some called them demons. Merisa called hers Dave.

“Seriously,” Dave said, his eyes glowing embers and his mouth spitting hot sulphur, “you’re going to do just fine, Gaele. The others have been dying to meet you.”

“Urgh,” Gaele said. That made it worse. There was expectation now?

“Just go in, be brave, do your magic,” Merisa said, “they’ll be impressed.”

The door at the end of the corridor opened. A robed Tutor stepped out, flanked by a tiny water demon.

“Gaele Relayt?” the Tutor called.

Gaele stood, stomach growling.

“Good luck,” Merisa said.

“Go smash ‘em,” Dave said.

Today was her test for her Patron.

Best I impress them then, Gaele thought.

She strode down the corridor to meet her destiny.

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