Bluff (From the Archives)

“Don’t do it,” the Captain warned. 

Kenl smirked. What did the Captain know about how to use these jewels? Nothing. He thought they were just treasure to be plundered like anything else. 

But Kenl knew. She knew the truth. 

“Wat?” she spat back, purposefully dropping her home accent into her voice. She could see the Captain’s face crumple up in fury. 

“Don’t drop them,” he hissed.

Kenl grinned, leaning backwards and hanging the jewels over the sea. 

She just had to wait. She could hear the jewels already ringining, just slightly.

Of course, the Captain didn’t know what they were. He couldn’t hear the ringing.

Below the waves, she saw a shadow move. A huge shape, larger than the ship, swam beneath the waves, answering the stones’ call.

Silence fell over the crew. A few pointed over the side.

Knel grinned.

The Captain thought he was the one in charge. That he had doomed her to death.

When in fact, the Kracken was now coming for him.

First posted in 2019. || Image Credit: Photo by Alice Hampson on Unsplash

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