Early Evening Memories – (From the Archives)

The early evening was quiet, just the way Haeli liked it.

It wasn’t silent, there were still signs of life out there on the fields below. The workers had already gone back to their homes as the light fell away from the sky, but the birds were singing their final songs of the day. Above, a few reptiles flew ahead high up in the sky, their enormous triangle wings blocking out swathes of the sky as their riders directed them back to their roots.

The world was slowing down, grinding to a halt as civilisation switched to the night life in the town on the horizon, Jerach. Those lights were glowing strongly in the twilight, and the noise of the nightlight began to trickle across the hills.

Haeli remembered those nights, when she would have just come in from the fields and then out for the evening with her friends. That was when her bones weren’t old and her body wasn’t tired.

Now, she just watched. Sure she still met up with that first group of friends, but it was once a week rather than every night. They would meet down at the lizard watching stations over tea, watching the riders take their enormous winged mounts out for practice. It was certainly more sedate than their previous adventures, galivanting around the town with her friends in various states of sobriety.

Haeli smiled. It might be more sedate, but that didn’t mean the friendship was any less interesting. It was what age did, slowed your body down and for some of her friends it was their minds as well. But their memories, those memories they made together in the town square of Jerach, that was what bound them together.

And no matter how lonely Haeli was on any early evening, it was those memories that made her feel more loved than anyone had ever made her feel in her long years of life.

First posted in 2018. || Image Credit: Photo by Alice Hampson on Unsplash

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