Monday Inspiration

Monday Inspiration – Time Out

Taking time out from writing is okay. It might not feel like what you need to do right this second, when time pressures are on you and you’re watching the clock click down to the close of another writing session.

But maybe today is the day you need to think. To sit and breathe with your manuscript and take a step back.

Or even a step away.

Your time out will mean you come back to your work with your creative will filled. Your drive to succeed renewed. It’s not time wasted, even if there is no wordcount to prove it.

So take a step back, and take some time out if you need it.

Your writing will be waiting for you when you get back.

#Mondayinspiration is a chance for me to share my own motivational post it notes with the writing world at large. In the hope, maybe that someone else finds it as helpful as I do!

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