Confrontation (100 Words -Flash Fiction)

“FIGHT ME!” Tranegath roared at Hulun.

Hulun struggled, his head still ringing from the previous blow. It would not be long before the guards came to separate them, but this was his chance to do some real damage to the bully of the prison.

Hulun coughed, trying to distract Tranegath as he reached down to his boot. Tranegath’s eyes were wild, dangerous. He was running on the high of the fight.

Hulun shuffled backwards, pulling the shiv out of his boot as he did so. His eyes were blurry, he could taste blood on his tounge.

Tranegath growled, leaning over Hulun to unleash another taunt.

Now is my chance.

Hulun swung the shiv deep into Tranegath’s neck.

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