Flash Fiction – Hidden Future (From the Archives)

First posted in 2019. || Image Credit: Photo by Alice Hampson on Unsplash

Greyn slid the heavy gold coin across the wooden table. The metal made an awful scraping noise in the otherwise silent room.

The fortune teller looked down at the coin, the bells laced into his hair tinkling together as he did so.

“What brings the Daughter of the Queen here?” the fortune teller asked, waving his hand across the table.

The coin disappeared.

Greyn swallowed.

“I want to know when I will inherit the throne,” she said. She couldn’t help looking over her shoulder as she asked the question. If anyone heard her-

“Let me consult the cards,” the fortune teller said, flicking the sleeve of his jacket. A card appeared in between his fingers.

He placed it down in front of Greyn, twisting it around with his fingertips so that the picture faced Greyn.

“A Hidden Future,” the fortune teller mused. 

Greyn swallowed as she looked down at the blank card. An unknown future was the worst kind – not even the spirits would dare give her an answer as to when she would inherit. Which meant that there were gods involved in this-

“I think,” the fortune teller said, “you’d best ask which god you’ve recently pissed off. That’ll lead you to your answer.”

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