Flash Fiction – Song (A Teacup Story)

Some songs, some music, touches parts of you that you otherwise cannot interact with. The parts of you that you can’t handle without a tune to sooth the pain away, to allow yourself to look inwards at the cause of the pain and sit with it.

Learn from it.


There are songs that teach you, teach you that even though you get ingored by the ones you hope that love you, that does not mean the world has ended. That every feeling inside of you, as much as it is valid to feel, does not mean that you need to withdraw from the world.

It just means that it is. Maybe it’s a not nice feeling, maybe it’s hurt or jealousy or fear. Maybe it’s a happy feeling like when you listen to your first dance song, or when you feel unabashed joy.

Whatever it is, it’s just a feeling.

And that’s okay. Good or bad, it’s just a moment in time when it reminds you of something you have lost or something you wish you had or something you treasure dearly.

Each of those memories have songs attached to them. The lyrics don’t matter, the tune doesn’t matter, it is just the feeling of release when you feel like your heart harmonises with the tune.

Those are the songs you treasure. That you return to find comfort in your best or worst time.

Those are the songs that tell you, whatever you feel, that it’s okay.

You’re okay.

It’ll be okay.

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