Flash Fiction – Hide (Stories on a Theme – “Facade”)

Don’t come out, whatever you hear.

That was what Josie had told her. Big sister Josie, the brave one out of the two of them. Always ready to protect her siblings no matter what.

“Stay quiet,” Nei whispered to her brother,Ilo. He stuck his bottom lip out, but he understood. 

“And no magic,” she said.

Ilo’s eyes grew wider.

“They can sense you,” Nei said, “no magic, please, Ilo.”

He nodded, just once. He was only two, but he knew what these games of hide and seek meant.

Outside, Nei could hear Josie showing the Inspectors around their small house. They would have sensed Ilo’s magic by now if it was not for Josie cleansing the house before the Inspectors got here. Thank god for the Village Watch telling them about the Inspectors.

“And you live here with?” one of the Inspectors asked.

“My sister and younger brother,” Josie replied. Her voice didn’t waiver at all.

“Where are they now?”

“Out shopping,” Josie said.

“Parents?” the Investigator sounded mildly bored.

“Died in the War Draft,” Josie replied.

Technically true. Just the War Draft from 200 years ago.

“Mmm,” the Investigator said, “well, it seems the rumours of a magic user here are unfounded. Apologies for the disturbance, Mistress Ul.”

“No problem, Investigator,” Josie replied.

Nei waited for the front door to slam. Then she waited another five minutes. That was the rule, incase they came back.

A rap at the cupboard door.

“You’re good,” Josie’s head poked through the gap in the doors, “for now”

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