Flash Fiction – Smile (Stories on a Theme – “Facade”)

A smile can hide so many things.

It can hide thoughts. Thoughts you don’t want to share because they’re buried too deep. Because people won’t understand.

So you smile.

It can hide feelings. The feelings that people don’t understand because they’re illogical. They make you feel illogical.

So you just smile.

When people ask how are you? How are you doing?
You can’t reply, because you can’t vocalise it. So many you joke, maybe you laugh.

And you smile.

Sometimes you wish someone could see though the smile to the truth beyond it. But, if we are all honest with one another, smiles are good for hiding thoughts and feelings. Too good, if you were being honest.

People don’t see behind the smile.

And so people don’t see your battle that you hide with it.

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