Flash Fiction – Burning Red (A Teacup Story)

Suzza sat on her bed, surrounded by the ripped pieces of her letters. Each one had contained the years of heartache and love that she had poured into her relationship with Netr. Before she had joined the Tombhunters, before when he had promised that she was his only and that she had his heart.

And yet.

Suzza pulled her box of treasures over from the windowsill. It was light, lighter now since she had set the curse off on Netr that morning. That had taken at least three amber gems and the original curse stone she had found in the Tomb of Evenrach. That meant that she only had the smaller curses, the stones she had lifted from the walls of the Joint Tomb of Queen Retra and Queen Iret.

They would understand her using their curses for this. They had been star crossed lovers, joined in love and bound by the vows of Trecah. They had lived their lives, fought side by side, and had a family line that still echoed in the Kingdoms across the plains today.

They’d be as pissed of as Suzza was now.

The memory of finding Netr curled up with one of the Clanswomen was enough to make her blood boil. He had the audacity to take off his Vow crown, to pretend to another woman that he was not promised to another. Suzza didn’t even blame the Clanswoman, she might not be without her faults, but she was not the cause.

No Netr was. Netr who would wake up tomorrow morning feeling like his skin was crawling with thousands of invisible ants. It was enough to drive anyone to madness.

But this. The curse of Mecag, was the worst of them. It would encourage the spirits to visit Netr in his dreams, haunting his nightmares until he could not sleep.

No freedom during the daytime. No freedom in his dreams. Maybe, just maybe, he’d understand what he’d done to piss off Suzza. The smug idiot had the audacity to not even apologise to her, just sneering with his dumb lips that he was amazed Suzza had managed to find out about it. That he was amazed that Suzza hadn’t broken it off sooner.

The bastard will pay, Suzza thought as she dug the stone out of the box. One green, one blue, and one amber.

That would do, Suzza thought as she placed the stones in a line across her bed. Each one was carefully balanced upon a single word that Suzza had ripped from the letters.




The danger of the curse of Mecag was that it was the decision of the spirits how to interpret the words. Suzza knew enough about curses that this one was likely to incur some heavy guilt, as well as the normal tales of loved ones being hurt and other such painful nightmares.

“See how like this,” Suzza said as she pressed her index fingers into the green and blue ones on each end of the line and fell into the meditative stance that felt like a second state to her now.

She could feel the spirit world pressing onto her mind as she focussed on the words of love and forgiveness, whilst imaging what had happened to her. Suzza smiled as she felt the spirits recoil in horror at the picture she painted with her mind.

Then she twisted her right hand and pressed her thumb on the amber stone that sat on top of the world forever. She thought of the time that Netr and her had taken their vows and placed their promise crowns on top of each other’s heads.

Suzza felt the spirit’s rage.

Please seek my revenge, Suzza thought at the spirits.

We shall, a chorus of voices replied.

A shooting hot pain shot through her fingers, snapping Suzza from her meditative state. The pieces of paper curled up, smouldering gently. Suzza smiled, keeping her hands pressed onto the stones until the pieces of paper were no more than ash covering her bedspread.

“Good luck with that, Netr,” Suzza said, “because I’m someone who will totally get over this.”

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