Flash Fiction – Red Brick Wall (Stories on a Theme – “Facade”)

Faye always wondered what was on the other side of the red brick wall. 

It was at the bottom of the garden, far away from the house and the adults. Tucked in between the rose bush and behind the hedgerows, it was almost twice her height and coloured brown with time. 

She was curious because she’d been told by Auntie Nadine not to go near it. Which was odd because Faye had seen her going behind the wall, through the gate about a meter along from the rose bush, with a man who definitely wasn’t Uncle Egbert. 

Faye never said anything about the man. She did watch Auntie Nadine go behind the wall numerous times with the other man, only returning hours later looking rather disheveled.

Maybe there were adventures on the other side of the wall, that was why they both came back looking so disheveled. A magical world with far off places and daring adventures. 

One day, when she was older, Faye promised herself that she was going to find the key to the gate and discover what was on the other side of the red brick wall.

For now, however, she just let her imagination take her there instead.

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