Flash Fiction – Leave me Be (Stories on a Theme – “Space”)

Vekna wiped her blade clean with a bloodied rag. 

The blood sluced off the end of the blade, dripping onto the muddy stone floor. The body of the Corps agent lay at her feet, limbs splayed in an unnatural way.

“Oops,” Vekna said, sheathing her sword. The Corps were so inefficient with the people they sent after her. They had been the ones to train her and they thought sending a recruit straight out of the Caedem would stop her?

Maybe Benatr thought I would show mercy, Vekna thought as she stepped over the body and walking back towards the main street. It would be almost touching if Benatr thought that there was an inch of mercy left in Vekna now, if she was still holding out hope that her Vekna would return back to the Caedem and throw down her arms.

Vekna stopped at the edge of the street, hands drifting up to her hood. She glanced up at the rooftops, spotting a glimmer of sunlight from one of the windows. 

They were watching her then.

She waved at the camera, before sticking her middle finger up at it. 

Bloody Corps thought they could stop her. They didn’t even know what they had unleashed when they had sent her down into the Caves of Inet three years ago. Those caves had broken her down and now she had built herself back up again as a sword for hire whilst she sold her story of what happened in those Caves to the highest bidder.

And there was nothing that the Corps could do to silence her.

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