Flash Fiction – Ancestor’s Wisdom (Stories on a Theme “Parent”)

“You think this is right?” 

Kessy kept her forehead pressed to the floor. She could hear the Guardians talking amongst themselves, as to whether she’d be allowed to take on the Challenge of Mountains. They’d be consulting with the ancestors, the guides who would take her on her journey. 

The ancestor’s wisdom was not to be disregarded lightly.

“Yes, she has taken the trials before,” Guardian Resh said, “but only once.”

The other Guardians hummed in agreement. Kessy felt her stomach drop. She had been too young then, too brash.

And she’d ignored the ancestor’s wisdom. She’d not do it again.

“Yes, she’s taken the oaths,”

Do you mean them?

The voice in Kessy’s head almost made her yelp in surprise. It sounded ominous, overbearing.

Yes, she thought back. She did mean them. Dammit, she was going to be able to fly the Skyhawks. She was going to do it. And that meant abiding by the oaths and beating the mountain, she’d do it.

The Guardian’s continued to mutter between themselves for what seemed like an eternity. Kessy could feel her back muscles start to twinge at holding the posture for so long.

“Kessantra Erle,” the Guardian called, “you may rise.”

Kessy pushed herself back upright so she was sitting on her heels. The four Guardians were looking at her, their painted faces obscuring their emotions.

“The Ancestors have consulted,” Guardian Resh said, picking up the small card from the floor and flipping it over to show Kessy the face.

Kessy couldn’t help the grin when she saw the Skyhawk painted on the card, long feathered wings spread in all of its glory.

“You may take on the Mountain,” Guardian Resh said, “may the Ancestor’s guide you to your Skyhawk. May you succeed in your quest.” 

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