Flash Fiction – Past (Stories on a Theme “Mystery”)

What is behind you can be forgotten.


I mean, technically, it is no longer here and now. It is then and was and it’s not going to hurt you here.

In the present.

But you can’t shake the feeling that sits in your stomach, or in your fists or in your crossed legs.

That memory that you can’t shake.

The past will always be there to haunt you.

  • Not Today
    There are times that we remember the position the world has for us. The position that the world deems us to be in. The forced … More Not Today
  • Not anywhere
    Dead Dead. Not alive. Not here. Not anywhere that I can perceive. Just. Not here. What does that mean for life, when death is so … More Not anywhere
  • New Day
    Each day is an unknown. It doesn’t feel like an unknown. You can have plans, have thoughts, have things to do. But each day is … More New Day

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