Flash Fiction – Clues (Stories on a Theme “Mystery”)

“Why,” Cassie groaned as she put her head on her desk. The system had logged her out again and she needed to get to the fingerprint database to cross reference the results from forensics.

“What?” Terry poked his head above his cubicle, his glasses sitting askew on his nose. No one would even guess he was a DI from his demeanor, but behind his friendly smile lay a smart mind which had caught the notorious Criminal 454.

“Bloody database,” Cassie said, gesticulating towards her computer screen with several non-regulation approved hand-gestures. Luckily, her back was to the camera so she wouldn’t be hauled in front of a review board.


“This for the Venchi case?” Terry asked, “the one that broke out of the Moon prison?”

“Yeh,” Cassie said, “I need to get the findings from forensics and the damn database keeps crashing all the time-”

“Mmm,” Terry thought, ducking below the screen and clicking on his computer, “works fine for me.”

Cassie paused. What if the database wasn’t crashing? What if someone was trying to stop her getting in?

“Terry,” Cassie asked, “how do you fancy a trip down to forensics?”

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