Flash Fiction – Keeping Secrets (Stories on a Theme “Mystery”)

Arian lay her grandmother’s will out on the table in front of her. The house was quiet now, the family now having left hours before. 

It was amazing how much a few words could tear apart them all, in so little time. Battles over the inheritance, battles over the legitimacy of their mother Irene, battles over who get to keep what.

Arian sighed. None of it was new, this all just brought it out to the fore. The confusion, the lies, the secrets that her grandmother had kept for so many years. 

I’m not from this planet, the last line said. The line which undermined their whole legitimacy here on Zenro-5. They could lose their houses over it. Their livelihoods. Their place in this society.

Arian pushed the will to one side, grabbing another piece of paper from the side. She had been chosen because she had the best handwriting, and the one that was closest to her grandmothers. 

They would have until tomorrow when the registrars would come to open the seal and read the will officially. 

“Best get to work then, Grandma,” Arian muttered at the will as she unscrewed her inkwell, “let’s keep your secrets hidden.”

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