Flash Fiction – City of Stars (Stories on a Theme “Human”)

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Yetan whispered, kicking off her shoes and letting her feet feel the cool night air. Elwa snuggled into her shoulder, huddled in a blanket. Humans were always so cute when it came to the cold. Their thin skin and hair meant they couldn’t muster most of the seasons on Tre-45, and most wandered around in thick coats and hats even in the middle of summer.

“Yeh,” Elwa breathed. It would have been the first time Elwa would have seen the City of Stars in it’s full glory, on a pitch black winter’s night, just after the lights of the city were turned off for the annual Festival of Night. 

Above, the heavens unfolded, hundreds of thousands of stars dotting the sky. In this region of the galaxy, with so many stars, it almost created a sunlight of its own, illuminating the world with a dimn huge of purple and green starlight.

“As good as you expected?” Yetan asked, looking at Elwa.

“Only cos I get to share it with you,” Elwa replied, kissing Yetan’s hand as she entwined her own, “that makes it even better.”

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