Flash Fiction – Forgive (Stories on a Theme “Magnetism”)

“I still don’t think this is going to work,” Merk said, kicking his feet against the counter. He was the most infuriating partner to be put with for their final year project. Eylsha could swear that she would kill him if it wouldn’t impede her ability to graduate at the end of the year. Just because Merk didn’t care about whether he could get a job as a Spellcaster didn’t mean they all had that luxury. He could just swan off back to his mother’s drug company and draw some runes into a few tablets and call it a day.

Eylsha didn’t have a mother to swan off to, let alone one who ran the biggest medical rackets on the whole island. All she had was a little sister to care for, a need for money, and the innate talent needed to Spellcast. That was all she had to work with and she just had to make the most out of it.

“Shut up,” Eylsha replied, as she carefully scrawled down the findings from their most recent experiment. The small flick at the end of the Uhrul sign had generated a small smark, but not one large enough to make the jump between the Metgn sign and the connecting Iletr sign. Her theory that the Uhrul sign could be used to generate power on a far greater scale than the commonly used Penoet signs had not worked.

“That’s because you have no faith,” Eylsha said. She could feel it in her bones. The runes were speaking to her, she could feel the throb of the magic tickle her skin as she scratched a further flick into the back of the Uhrul sign, curving it around until-

A fork of lighting jumped out of the runestone, shooting upwards and smacking into the ceiling. Eylsha was fired backwards across the room, and Merk was knocked clean off his prech.

“It worked!” Eylsha shouted, as she managed to push herself up from the floor. The runestone was still glowing slightly as it powered down, but it had worked!

“Okay, fine,” Merk said, as he scrambled from the floor, green hair completely askew, “you win. It did work!”

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