Flash Fiction – Restraint (Stories on a Theme “Control”)

“You have to be calm!” Fretr yelled over the sounds of the storm. Above, lighting cracked overhead in the dark heavy clouds. Henni could feel the rain start hitting her cheek. 

She was the storm. She could feel its power thundering through her veins, taking her mind away from the ground and upwards into the swirling mass of energy overhead. 

“Calm!” Fretr yelled, tugging at her arm. Henni could feel it, just a little, like a insect bite of pain in the corner of her mind. He had only promised to teach her how to harness the power of the storm if she stayed calm. It was far too dangerous for the village otherwise. 

Henni sighed, allowing her mind to drift back to her body, letting go over the storms power. It was intoxicating, that much power. You were almost like one of the gods. 

“Good,” Fretr said as Henni’s vision came back slowly. It was only then she realised she was lying down. She could have sworn she had been standing up a few minutes before. 

“You,” Fretr said poking Henni in the ribs, “have to learn some restraint.” 

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