Flash Fiction – Good Life (Stories on a Theme “Food”)

Sometimes, life is one of those things that just happens and you only realise how lucky you are when you’re sitting down to eat dinner.

Maybe it’s at home, or on holiday, or with friends or family. It doesn’t really matter, but it’s just there, and it smells good, and your stomach rumbles.

It’s lucky because you have food you enjoy now. You have food at all.

It’s lucky because you’ve got friends to enjoy it with, to share stories and laugh about the world.

It’s lucky because if you’re on holiday, you’re looking at a vista of a world that is waiting to be explored some more. Maybe your feet ache from walking, your skin feels tight from suncream and your hair is greasy from sweat. But it’s here and the world is so big and vast and all for the taking.

Or maybe it’s lucky because you’re at home. A home cooked meal at home with your nearest family and those you care about the most. At your table, in your four walls, with food you brought and you created and you made. And it’s want you wanted.

So as you eat, wherever you are or whoever you’re with, you take a moment to realise where you are now. And that the now is good.

In fact, it’s brilliant.

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