Flash Fiction – Date Night (Stories on a Theme “Food”)

“So what do you fancy?”

Georgina looked down at the menu list, trying furiously to ignore the nerves that were buzzing around her body. She could feel Ian’s gaze on her, not intense but curious. She glanced up from the menu, just for a second, and he smiled at her.

Her heart flipped.

Focus on the food, Georgina thought to herself. It was not every day that you went on a date with Ian Strider, basically the best looking bachelor in the office. It was not every day that Ian Strider asked you on a date after pining over him with the other work girls for the past 8 weeks.

But here they were. In a Frankie and Bennies. Choosing what to have for dinner before a movie.

“I’m thinking Pizza,” Georgina said, “simple, easy.”

Ian smiled.

“I was going to go for a pasta,” he said, glancing down at the menu. Georgina couldn’t help but notice the line of his jawbone, the stubble of a half grown beard peeking through his skin. God he looked gorgeous.

“Good choice,” she replied, hoping that her nerves didn’t show. Not too much.

Ian looked up at her and smiled, but this smile was different to the last. A genuine smile, almost thankful.

“I’m glad you agreed to come tonight,” Ian said, looking slightly bashful.

Georgina grinned back, impulsively grabbing Ian’s hand across the table.

“I’m glad you asked,” she replied.

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