Flash Fiction – Snack Time (Stories on a Theme “Food”)

“You’ve just had a snack,” Emma said to her daughter, Madeline, who continued tugging at her leg and pointing at the biscuit jar.

“Biscuit,” she said, grinning up at Emma with a toothy grin.

“You’ve had one,” Emma said.

Madeline’s lip began to wobble, a tell tale sign of another toddler tantrum brewing. 

“You can’t always have biscuits,” Emma said, kneeling down to Madeline’s level, “because it’s almost dinner time. And its your favourite tonight!”

Madeline’s lip began to wobble slightly less. Only slightly. Clearly a distraction was needed.

“Let’s go play with your dinosaurs,” Emma said, “you’ve got your new triceratops remember.”

Madeline’s eyes lit up.

“Triceptop!” she cried, spinning around and scurrying away to the lounge where her play box was.

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