Flash Fiction – Summertime (A Teacup Story)

Kasey hummed to herself as she dodged the various beach goers, carrying the ice creams carefully in her hands. The vanilla one was already melting, dribbling down the side of the cone and onto her hand. Troy wouldn’t be happy that it was his ice cream that had melted fastest, but then at ten years old, what Troy was or wasn’t happy about seemed to depend on the time of day. Or alignment of the stars.

He took after Kasey in that way. Her own ice cream, the strawberry one was starting to follow the vanilla one in the which one can melt the fastest race. She would be annoyed if it had fully melted down her hand before she got to enjoy it. This is what happened when you picked a good spot for sunbathing but not good for ice creams. Anyone knew that the best ice cream spot was approximately 2 minutes walk away from the ice cream stand, not a full five minute walk. And when you added the fact the sand was so scalding it would slow her down to a possible six minute walk.

Kasey took one lick of her strawberry ice cream, trying to avoid Kevin and Isabel’s chocolate ones balanced between the strawberry and vanilla ones. Kasey could not stand chocolate ice cream, but like Troy took after her, their youngest daughter Isabel took after her husband in his love for chocolate ice cream.

Kasey dodged the sunbathers lying on the beach, stepping over splayed limbs and sandcastles a like.

“MUMMYS BACK!” Isabel screamed, throwing aside her bucket and space and running over to Kasey.

“ICE CREAM!” Troy screamed, jumping up and down.

Kasey smiled as she handed over the ice cream cones to her children who immediately shoved their faces into the ice cream, getting it all around their face. They giggled at one another, their smiles sending pure joy through Kasey’s heart.

Sure, getting ice cream was hard work. But her children’s smiles made it all worth it.

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