Genre - Adventure, Genre - Fiction, Genre - Sci Fi, Rating - 12, Stories on a Theme

Flash Fiction – Out There (Stories on a Theme “Travel”)

“You see it?” 

Veeni nodded, despite the fact that RED could not see her from this angle. The problem with AI computers was that they relied upon the ship’s cameras to see their crew, and this spot purposefully didn’t have a camera.

It was the ship’s temple, albeit a small one. It also happened to have the floor to ceiling window that showed the raw energy of space beyond.

“Yeh,” Veeni whispered at the mike attached to her boilersuit lapel. It was more beautiful than she could have ever imagined. The nebula spilled across the vista in front of her, gorgeous purples and pinks from gas clouds hundreds of thousands miles wide gently tumbled across the background of stars. It almost seemed unrealistic that these gas clouds could destroy their little ship if they got too close.

“You think it’s worth it then,” RED asked in Veeni’s earpiece, “coming out here?”

Veeni smiled, leaning her head against the window. It was worth every stressful night, it was worth the scars from the smuggling vessels. It was worth the nightmares.

“Out there is my future, RED,” Veeni said, putting her hand on the glass, “that’s where I’ll find out who I am, where I’m from.”

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