Flash Fiction – Influence (Stories on a Theme “Power”)

“I don’t think you should do that,” Phenep cautioned.

Wev shrugged at the other end of the phone, his little holographic image flickering as he did so.

Phenep sighed. He missed the days when he could influence his son to make a sensible decision.

“There’s no changing my mind, Pap,” Wev said, pulling his hat into view, “I’ve got the gear, I’m flying out tomorrow on the first flight. They say the first person to find the demon cluster is the person who gets paid the bonus. And I’m going to find it, Pap. It’ll pay for everything.”

Phenep sighed. Wev was right, they could use the Credits. But not at this cost.

“Just stay safe,” Phenep said, “please.”

“I will, Pap,” Wev grinned at him, giving a little salute, “you’ve got my word.”

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