Control (Stories on a Theme – “Power”)

Zeleth held the Orb in his hands, gently brushing his thumbs across the clear glass surface. Inside, the green light of the Uneltro followed his thumb like a pup would follow its master’s hand. It seemed so strange, something this small could hold so much power.

A knock at the door.

“Leave me,” Zeleth said, not looking up from the Orb. This was it, this was his ticket to defeat his brother and the damned Kingdom of Olertaei. With an Uneltro in his pocket, he didn’t even need an army. He could destroy legions with a simple wave of his hand. The Uneltro would do what it did best and destroy them all into dust.

This was true power. The power to break his brother, his brother’s kingdom, and make the people kneel to Zeleth instead.

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