Flash Fiction – The Pink Elephant (A Teacup Story)

Have you ever heard of the phase don’t think of the pink elephant?

And as soon as someone says it, all you can think of is a pink elephant. Maybe each time it’s different shades of pink, sometimes it’s striped, sometimes it’s wearing a silly hat, but it is always and elephant and it is always there.

Have you ever heard of the phase the elephant in the room?

It’s that unsaid thing. That thing that just lurks, in the centre of everyone’s understanding but on the peripherals of their conscious thought. They want to ignore it, they don’t want to address it.

So what happens when you try not to think of the elephant in the room? Well, you try to ignore it, you try to forget it. You busy yourself with something distracting all the while trying to ignore the building stress that comes from the pink elephant sitting in the corner of your mind-

But then, you look at it, and I mean really look at it.

It’s just a pink elephant. Sure, it’s a bit big. Sure, it’s slightly scary (after all, it is a pink elephant).

But it’s just an elephant. It’s just a pink elephant.

And maybe, just maybe it’s not so scary after all.

(and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to deal with it).

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