Flash Fiction – Azure (Stories on a Theme “Blue”)

“You think that there is anything at the end?” Richa asked as the ship docked into the port. Outside, the stars shone in the blue sky, sparkling with the bright reds and greens that were natural to this world. Somewhere, out there, was home. His home.

“Nah,” Keiz said, shrugging her shoulders as she hefted her gun onto her shoulder, “why you think they send us? For a nice holiday?”

“I wish,” Richa said. That would be unlikely, as unlikely as Keiz dying her hair anything other than electric blue colour. 

“You love it really,” Keiz said, smashing her glove into the door release, smirking at Richa as she pulled her mask down over her head, “ready to go cause some chaos brother?”

Enjoy this flash fiction? Check out my “Stories on a Theme” below!

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