Flash Fiction – This Little World (A Teacup Story)

What did it matter, if it didn’t affect Yeshini’s little world?

It was a case of logic. Why worry about the large scale, the wars, the heroes, the approaching enemy, when it didn’t affect you?

So Yeshini kept tending to her garden as her belly grew. Ushe would be back from the village shortly, with the morning’s bread and milk. The journey was too far for her now, her back would begin to ache at the end of the first mile and she could barely cope for the further four.

So she tendered her garden, hearing the news from the passing travellers and trades people. She watched the skies and made her offerings to the gods to protect her family from the oncoming storm.

That was all they could do, in this day and age. Just keep doing what you were doing, until the storm hit you.

After all, if it was already to stop it, why bother worrying about it until it hit their little world.

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