Teacup Story – Terraform

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Terral said, staring up at the sky. The rain spattered off her visor, sliding down the outside of her exosuit. It would be a dream to feel the rain on her skin, one day.

But that would be a hundred years or so down the line. This was just the first stage of the terraforming, and at the moment, the rain was so acidic it would burn through human skin.

“Yes,” Seashe said, grinning up at the sky as she elbowed Terral, “we did it!”

“You think,” Terral said, shaking her head. This had been the culmination of years of hard work, of tens of years of research.

And this was just the beginning. The terraforming programme would be rolled out across this part of the galaxy, changing the rocky lifeless moons into habitable planets.

“We’ll be remembered for this,” Terral said, “in the future.”

Seashe laughed.

“I would bloody hope so,” she replied, “maybe they’ll even name one of the planets after us?”

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