Teacup Story – Covert Operations

“I don’t think this is a good idea,” Matt whispered, his voice muffled by the balaclava. Their mission hadn’t been to infiltrate the base, just to scope it out before the  bosses sent the big guns in.

“Oh calm down,” Tracey said, rolling her eyes at him. Matt frowned. Tracey was too excitable for her own good. And the idea of infiltrating somewhere filled her with the kind of glee that most people got when they saw an ice cream van pass them by.

“We’re not prepped for this,” Matt said, following Tracey down the steep bank, keeping his gun close to his body. Tracey had her pistol out already, not as accurate as Matt’s gun but then she was supposed to be writing down details not blowing people’s brains out.

“We’re prepped enough,” Tracey said, “you know damn well as soon as this gets back to the Bosses, the site will be empty by the time the cavalry arrives.”

“Oh not this again,” Matt sighed. Tracey’s theories were bananas at the best of times, but this one took the cake.

Yes, this again,” Tracey said, glaring at him, “you know damn well there is a pattern, and it can only come from a leak at the top. This is our chance Matt to find out who really is behind all of this.”

Matt sighed. She was right, there was a pattern. He didn’t think that storming into the building and trying to find the secret papers right now was the way to solve it.

“Come on,” Tracey said, “trust me on this.”

She held her hand out, like they had done when they were cadets.

Goddamit, Tracey, he thought.

“Fine,” Matt said, shaking her head, “but if I die, I’m coming back to piss you off as a ghost.”

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