Umbrella – “Stories on a Theme” (Rainfall)

[Stories on a Theme – a weekly theme that I use as a spring board for short stories over the weekend. Catch up with the posts on my IG]

“You get it?” Susan said, crouching in the corner of the porch, jacket pulled over her head.

“Not exactly,” Fred replied, pulling the door shut behind him and showing Susan the umbrella.

“No,” Susan said, looking at the pink monstrosity in his hand, “I meant the golfing umbrella, the black one.”

“This is the only one I could find,” Fred said, putting up the umbrella in all of it’s Hello Kitty glory. It was their daughter’s umbrella, who was currently with Fred’s parents for the evening.

“We cannot turn up at a black tie event with a hello kitty umbrella,” Susan said.

Fred grinned, giggling slightly.

“We’re going to look fabulous,” he replied, “the Uber is down the end of the road, if we run, we might not get too wet.”

Susan rolled her eyes. Of all the ridiculous things they had done during their marriage, this one was certainly one of the top ones.

“Okay,” she replied, grinning, “but if anyone asks, it’s your umbrella, k?”

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