Family Recipe – “Stories on a Theme” (Home)

[Stories on a Theme – a weekly theme that I use as a spring board for short stories over the weekend. Catch up with the posts on my IG]

Geshli stirred the soup, her stomach rumbling at the smell. It was her mother’s recipe, based off one from her grandmother, filled with rich vegetables and local spices from the nearest spaceport.

It reminded her of a time before the occupation, before the Elites had taken over their planet. There was so much lost in the fighting, the history, the buildings, the heritage.

But food was something they couldn’t take away. The recipes weren’t written down, kept inside families and cooked in secret.

A small act of rebellion in a pot.

Geshli tasted some of the soup, smiling at the taste. One day, they’d be rebuilding their planet once the Elites had been defeated. One day, they’d be free.

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