Teacup Story – Facing Questioning

“Go shove your head up the backside of an eltrank, Jone,” Kelv spat.

Jone raised an eyebrow. She was never perturbed.

“It’s just part of the routine investigation,” Jone said calmly, “you were the last person to see Retry alive, so you need to be questioned.”

“Because you think I did it,” Kelv said. It was obvious what they thought. Everyone in the damn station thought it. No one spoke to him about it, everyone was far to damn polite to do that.

“Well prove us wrong,” Jone said, “it’ll take half an hour.”

Kelv snarled. There was no way out of that.

“Go mate with a cow,” he said, pushing himself out of his seat and grabbing his jacket. He’d go in as an officer of the Core, not some petty criminal.

“Thank you,” Jone said, “follow me please.”

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