Tech Wiz- “Prompts on a Theme” (Future)

A short story based on this “Prompts on a Theme” – Future

“You know whenever I come down here I’m never sure what I’m going to find,” Jasine said, leaning on the entrance door to the engineering section. Celiy had decked out the  small room with hundreds of photos of the elite starship The Baroness which she apparently had a nerd thing for.

Engineers. Jasine would never understand them.

“Oh come off it,” Celiy said, lifting her visor and putting down her soldering iron down and glaring at Jasine. She treated Jasine like an annoying younger sister, not a captain, which was both frustrating and amusing.

“What’s the progress?” Jasine said, “ you think it’s ready to sell?”

Celiy glared at the chipboard in front of her. It was ancient tech, even more ancient than the light beam tech that sorely needed upgrading.

“Well it works,” Celiy said, flicking a switch. The lights on the board flashed different colours. It wasn’t anything spectacular, unless you knew what you were looking at.

If you did, then you’d be paying millions for it.

“You think the Tarechi will fall for it?,” Jasine asked.

Ceily shrugged.

“Hope they do,” she replied, “not like we have many more options do we?”

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