Hope – Prompts on a Theme (Future)

A short story based on this week’s “Prompts on a Theme” – Future

“You think it’ll get better?” Kaelec asked.

Resin smiled. She had to, Kaelec’s optimism was the only thing holding the cover together. The advantage of being so young was the hope it brought.

“I think so,” Resin said, “once the smog clouds clear we might get some sunshine. And with that plants outside and animals can be cloned again-”

“Plants outside?” Kaelec asked, eyes growing wide in amazement. He’d only ever known the Greenhouses in the Cove, and even Resin had to admit that the idea of plants outside was just weird. Only the eldest of the Cove, those who had been children at the time of the collapse, could remember plants growing outside.

“Yes,” Resin said, “as far as the eye can see. Miles upon miles of greenery and flowers.”

“Wow,” Kaelec whispered, “that sounds amazing.”

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