Teacup Story – Scars

Heni pulled the cloth over her face, wincing as the chemicals pulled off the makeup that had stained her face all day. She was used to the sting now, the scar tissue was always more sensitive than the un-scarred skin.

She washed the cloth under the tap, before applying more lotion to the cloth and pulling it over her chin and neck. The stinging was less here, the scar tissue only covered most of her cheeks and face.

Fucking Evek, she thought. The bastard would pay for leaving her with this scar. 10 years later and she was still going to find that bastard.

She washed the cloth out again, watching as the thick dark foundation washed away down the marble sink. There were no mirrors in this bathroom, as Heni had requested. Being the Vice-General of the Air Corps had its privileges.

But not enough privileges to get rid of that scar, Heni thought. The constant reminder of Evek’s betrayal.

“Vice-General Rech,” a voice came over the tannoy. Her junior, Iorak.

“Yes,” Heni replied.

“Head General Jeupe want’s to speak to you,” Iorak said.

Heni sighed. She’d just taken her makup off. And Evek wanted to speak to her now?

“Shall I say you’re busy?” Iorak said.

“No,” Heni said, pulling the towel from the rail and drying her face.

“I’ll be up in five,” Heni replied. Iorak clicked off the line.

Let Evek see the extent of his betrayal.

Let him see her scars.

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