Sleight of Hand – Prompts on a Theme (Magic)

Another short flash fiction, based on this week’s “Prompts on a Theme” – Magic

“Did you catch how I did it?” Jele said, holding up the card.

Uletich groaned. No. he hadn’t seen it. Jele was too damn fast for him to follow.

“Look,” Jele said, putting the card back in his other hand, “I’ll do it slower.”

Jele took the card and flicked his wrist in an overly exaggerated fashion. Uletich tried to follow. He really, really tried.

Then, out of nowhere, it appeared in Jele’s other hand.

“How did you do it,” Uletich groaned, putting his head on the desk. He was hardly going to pass the class if he couldn’t even do the basic sleight of hand.

Make a fireball? easy . Make a globe of light? No problem.

Moving one card to another with no magical intervention. Goddam impossible.

“Ugh,” Uletich said, “I give up.”

He flicked his wrist and the card became a bright pink feather.

“Cards are stupid,” Uletich said, “so is sleight of hand.”

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