Everyday Magic – Prompts on a Theme (Magic)

A new prompt for this weeks “Prompts on a Theme – Magic

Kelii flicked her finger at the water, bringing it to the boil for her cup of tea

Yes she was not supposed to use magic during the rationing period, but she’d have to wait for the water to boil if she used the stove and it just didn’t taste the same.

“Embargo be dammed,” Kelii said as she grabbed a mug from the cupboard and tapped the side of it to teleport the tealeaves from the jar to the cup. It was a stupid embargo, by a stupid Queen who was just simply jealous and didn’t understand how magic worked. It wasn’t like there was a finite resource but if everyone used it at the same time then it didn’t always work. And just because the Queen wanted to use the magic for her stupid construction projects in the south didn’t mean Kellii had to go without a nice cup of tea.

Kelii gestured to the water in the pan, gently lifting it up from the pan and into her cup in a graceful arc, filling it neatly to the brim.

Screw your embargo Queen Urelen, Kelii thought, sipping her tea, magic will always be free.

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