Enchant – Prompts on a Theme (Magic)

Another short story based on the theme of “magic”.

“Egnara,” Helet whispered at the bracelet in front of him. It glowed slightly, a warm yellow colour, before shifting to a pulsating blue.

The magic was in. Now it was time to add the command.

“Tegkna ael miciamp,” he said, gently laying his right hand over the bracelet, whilst the other gripped his staff tightly. He could feel the gems resisting, the emeralds did not like mind reading magic as much as the other gems, but he pushed the spell inside the metal.

A crack came from under his hand. Helet smiled, pulling his hand away to reveal a perfectly circular bracelet, made from silver with liquid emerald flowing around the centre of the metal like a small river. The green line pulsated as he put his finger on it, ready to take the command.

It was done. The bracelet was ready for Lady Aletrgip. With it, she would be able to read the mind of anyone she touched, even for the barest second. A dangerous weapon in the wrong hands, but Helet was confident Lady Aletrgip would use it for her rebellion.

If she didn’t, then this small bracelet could spell the end for them all.

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