Choice – Prompts on a Theme Special (Valentines Day)

A short story on love because it’s Valentines day! Happy valentines everyone!

There is a moment between the “I love you” and the response. The pause when you take in the meaning of those words, the weight of them, the feelings woven into them.

Small words, one might think. A small sentence, others may say. Thrown around carelessly on the back of mechendise and gift cards and packets of chocolate.

But there is that moment when you hear them, from someone who loves you unconditionally, and those words aren’t short or small. They are huge and vast, like a vista of the world at your feet when you stand on top of the mountain.

The words are feelings, promises, hopes and dreams. They are vulnerability and fear that you expose in the hope the other person replies.

You do reply. It’s a choice, you see, those words, a commitment to the unknown. The choice to say no matter what the world holds for us, I will be here.

“I love you too”.

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