Leap of Faith – Prompts on a Theme Special (Valentines Day)

Another short flash fiction based on the prompt “Valentines Day”. Happy valentines! 

Maria loved stories with happy endings. The romance ones especially, the ones where two people were just in sync. Partners against the world.

She hugged her favorite novel close to her chest – The First Love by Agatha Stawdrop. It helped, a little, with the heartache inside.

It was the dreams of what could of been that hurt the most. Maria had thought David was the one. They had two valentines together, almost one and a half year of them.

And then he had said the love had died. Maria had seen the texts. She knew it was a lie.

That had been three months ago. Three months of pain, and now today, on the “celebration of love” she sat alone in her flat hugging her favourite book to her chest.

Jasmine, her best mate, had said it was for the best. Another would come along. There were more fish in the sea. All that nonsense.

Maria’s phone buzzed. She almost ignored it, but then she peered over at it. It was the cute girl at the coffee shop, the one she had given her number to last week.

She poked her phone, revealing the message.

Hey, bit last minute, but you want to catch a movie? Discounts on at the cinema if you go as a pair. Lucy x

Maria couldn’t help but smile, a little. She’d seen that discount on at the cinema, but it had said “for couples”.

Well why not, she thought. She liked Lucy, there could be something there. Maybe.

She glanced down at her book. In that story the heroine has taken a leap of faith to find her true love. Maybe this was it.

Sure. See you in 30! Maria x

Maria hit sent on the text message, smiling at herself. A leap of faith, and maybe this was her person.

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