Pigment – (“Colour” Theme)

“Prompts on a Theme” is where I write a story based on a prompt given to me that loosely relates to a particular theme. Check out my “Prompts on a Theme” page for more info!

This one is the final one for this week’s theme “Colour” – hope you like it!


Reyn pegged one end of the cloth on the end of the line, holding the rest carefully as it tumbled out of her hands towards the ground below.

She pulled on the line, hoisting the other end of the flag up and pegging that onto the line as well. The rest of it billowed in the wind below, catching on the wind that gusted up form the waves crashing against the rock below.

From this close, Reyn couldn’t see the whole outline of the golden snake that sat in the centre of the flag, hood of iridescent blues and greens spanning across its face. It was supposed to represent the Frenak, a mythological creature that was said to have brought the world into being.

Not that Reyn believed it, but it was their flag. Their tiny flag of their tiny little kingdom. Out here, in the middle of nowhere, with no one to see it.

Just her and her wife, reigning over the small cottage and few farmlands that surrounded it. Most would consider it to be a loss for Reyn, going from castles and beauty to living a life of poverty in the middle of nowhere.

But out here, she was as free as the flag that now flapped against the cottage. It would have been the banner that would have led her people into battle, the one that would have flown over her castle.

And one day, it would do.

Once she had got her revenge.

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