Kaleidoscope – (“Colour” Theme)

“Prompts on a Theme” is where I write a story based on a prompt given to me that loosely relates to a particular theme. Check out my “Prompts on a Theme” page for more info!


Minai watched the fish swim at the bottom of the lake, their scales flashing in the sunlight – deep oranges, yellows and reds. Above the wind rustled the trees, gently enough to give some background noise but not enough to be of note. A calming wind, bringing with it the sweet smell of the Cantre grasslands to the south.

Tomorrow she would leave this place, to learn the Relic Teachings. It was supposed to be an honour for her family, for her. But all Minai could think about was how she would miss the grasslands, and the fishes. The peaceful wind.

There wouldn’t be any of that where she was going. And even once she had learnt the Relics, she’d be posted to the other side of the system, on one of the outer reach bases.

It would be the furthest away from home she had ever been

Minai plucked a flower from the grass, holding it in her hand. Shutting her eyes, she reached out to the Relics that whispered to her in her mind.

“Ferratnic,” she whispered.

She opened her eyes, and the flower was now made out of silver. Forever immortalised in metal.

It would be her only reminder of home


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