Teacup Story – Saving Herself

Ulitt looked at her tiny home, with its tiny rooms, and cried.

Not because she was sad, not at all. But because she was happy. She could feel it so hard inside of her, battering its way out of her rib cage and overwhelming her with joy.

She had done it. She had saved herself. She was her own woman now.

Ulitt unfurled her hand, revealing the small key to the front door inside. It glinted in the lamplight, dancing like a small solar system of stars in the palm of her hand. Such a small thing that could bring her such joy.

“Thank you,” she whispered to the little key, “thank you.”

She smiled, crying again as she had to choke out the feeling of peace that was spreading across her, lifting years of weight off her shoulders. The past was the past now, she was in that place that she had dreamed of so much.

The place where she was safe, loved, and happy.

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