New Look

Image credit: Disillusion – Takashi .M (Flickr)

I’ve been quiet for a month. I haven’t posted much, and I haven’t been writing much. Summer has left us quite firmly now, and the leaves on the trees are turning the burnt orange and reds of Autumn. It’s a time of change. And a time to reflect.

It’s not just a new look for my blog, but a new mindset. Instead of just trying to keep up writing consistently, my goal is now to chase my dream of publishing my stories and books. To become a writer, an author, someone who lives off the creations they make.

Now I’m under no illusions that dream is a long pipe dream. To get to that point, it’s a long road of marketing, sales, and of course, writing that I can sell. Which means my focus is not going to be on just trying to do the act of writing every day, or posting on a strict timetable. It’s a conscious effort to make a choice every day to move my life into the direction I want it to go into. To not just wish it would happen, but to make the changes I need to make to create that future.

So this is the new website, the new look, and the new direction. You might find I post less frequently – probably once every week instead of every day. There will still be short stories, but also some book reviews and monthly updates. I’ll be trying to update my instagram more with not only writing things, but things I want to share about that creativity – my favourite music, games, books, as well as my writing things.

It’s certainly empowering and exciting – the chance to make my life whatever I want to make of it. And I hope you will join me on this new adventure as well.

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