Teacup Story – To Change

To Change – Ulat refused to change for them, he wouldn’t change who he was (Genre – Fantasy, Rating – PG)

Change was hard, Ulat knew that. He knew how hard it had been to train for the local running race, he knew how hard it had been to train as a blacksmith. He knew strife, he knew challenges, he knew pushing himself to the limit.

But change that was being asked of him, that was something different. This was to take up the mantle of his parents, his legacy, his birthright.

He was to be sold off to the highest bidder, to be one of the seven Queens mates. That meant he had to take off his apron and don smooth, thin clothes that would rip and tear at the smallest movement. That he had to pack away his brushes and cut his hair to the shortest possible length, but not be bald.

He had to change who he was on the outside to save his village, his little legacy. But that didn’t mean he would allow them to change him on the inside.

That was always his, no matter his exterior. And he would never change that for anyone.

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