Teacup Story – Mistakes of Hindsight

There are times when mistakes look like mistakes, but that is only with the benefit of hindsight. (Genre – general, Rating – PG)

It feels like you’ve done something wrong. It’s never clear cut, life never is, but there is a feeling, a suggestion that if you were to go back in time you would do things differently.

That’s not a bad thing, a mistake. It’s a thing you learn from, if you can recognise why you made the mistake. Perhaps it was the age you were at – you were young, brash, selfish. Maybe you were to wrapped up in a problem that took al of your time. Maybe you had other struggles that meant you lost touch with people.

Maybe, even, the past was not as rosy as your mind likes to think it was. People were not as good as you like to think they are. Situations weren’t as black and white as they are with the power of hindsight. They are normally good reasons why you do what you do, even if you know you’d never do it again. In that moment, it might have been the right thing.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t regret it. Or learn from it.

And vow never to do it again.

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